Clama S.r.l. is a company specializing in the wholesale of fresh, frozen meat and meat products.
Thanks to its ten-year experience in the food sector and in the marketing of products, Clama S.r.l. is recognized as one of the most successful Italian companies, especially for fresh and canned meats.
The choice of raw materials is carried out with care by our staff, continuously updated and qualified, who gladly lend adequate advice both as regards the composition of supply orders and on the basis of the customer's requests and needs.
Each phase of the purchase and sale of products is constantly monitored and followed up to the delivery of the goods.

We always guarantee the distribution of high quality food products, and that these are transported by fleets of vehicles capable of constantly maintaining the cold chain.
Clama offers technical and logistic assistance for any type of wholesale order.
Clama pays the utmost attention to detail, uses technologically advanced machinery and works with all certifications and reliable partners.
At the same time, Clama is committed to reducing plastic packaging on a daily basis.
Our employees are able to communicate in multiple languages and resolve any issues related to import and export issues in Europe.

Our customers include buyers from all over the world, from the food retail trade, the food processing industry and the food wholesaling sector.
We deliver to two thirds of European Union countries and also to selected third countries such as Libya.
Thanks to long-term relationships with producers from all countries we can always offer competitive prices.
Clama also offers consultancy services for the stipulation of short and long-term supply contracts.

Our stated goal is to contribute responsibly to the preservation of an environment worth living in, for the benefit of our customers, partners, employees, society as a whole and future generations.